I share some of my thoughts and notes here. Why?

  1. For those I have worked with (lucky me!), this is an efficient reference.
  2. For those I have not yet worked with, this is an efficient way to get to know my thinking.
  3. For those who come long after me, this adds context to my work.

J. Bryan Scott (JBS) has worked in technology startups since 2007.

He has invested and advised in startups like Simpl, Bolt, OpenStore, Branch, and Opendoor.

JBS was exeutive at Square (now Block) where he founded Square Capital and led anti-fraud and machine learning.

Before that, he worked at AngelList, Playdom (acquired by Disney), OpenDNS (acquired by Cisco), TechCrunch, and Crunchbase.

More: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbryanscott/